I came here with very few expectations and was completely blown away.  It was such a great trip.  It was just amazing.

JoseGuitarist, Taiwan 2015

I had a lot of fears coming in.  I’m a worrier–or I was.  God taught me a lot during this trip, and one of the things is to trust Him and that there’s literally nothing to be afraid of because we’re in His hands.

EmilyGuitarist, Honduras 2015

I think I’ve learned that many things can be ministry.  Anything from a simple smile to play music to helping clean up a house can be ministry.  God can use a whole assortment of things to further His kingdom.

WesleyKeyboardist, CTI 14:21 2014-2015

The biggest thing I got out of this whole experience is what it means to be a servant.  I was really expecting this whole thing to be about music.  We happen to share the gospel thorugh music, but I learned early on that it’s not about the music, it’s about sharing the gospel through music–the music is just a tool.

I’ve learned that being a servant doesn’t mean putting on the best performance or impacting someone in a huge way, it just means doing what you can.  So if I can go back home and give someone an hour of my time to pray with them or just to be with them if they need a friend, or if there’s something I can do in my community, just anything at all that I can use to glorify God, I’ll do it.  I’m glad I learned that on this trip.

EvanDrummer, Honduras 2015

Ministry is a lot more of an action word [to me] now . . . I want to live my life fully for Christ and not chase after lesser things . . .

I don’t want to be left on the sidelines while others get the honor of serving God and advancing His kingdom.  I definitely want to stay open to God’s direction or opportunities.  I want to be more open about how God has made me different than my old self and from someone who doesn’t know Jesus.  I want to be an example of God at work and His presence in the world.  Hopefully people will be impacted by my changed life.

BethanyKeyboardist, Hong Kong 2015

One of the main things I’ve learned about sharing the gospel is that we don’t need to have it all together.  We sometimes don’t have it all together musically, we’re not the most eloquent speakers or we can’t be the most graceful dancers on stage, or in my case, I am not the best Cantonese speaker or translator.

But the moment that we stop trying to be perfect or trying to strive for perfection, that is the moment that God can work through us, and that’s also the beautiful part of how it parallels the gospel.  We don’t need to have it all together to go to God, that’s not the point.  It’s the fact that we are broken; that’s what makes the gospel so beautiful.

AndrewDrummer, Hong Kong 2015

Seeing [our partners in Hong Kong] serve day in and day out for the Lord . . . changed my perception of how a servant of God should look like.  It inspires me to try to change the way I serve others for the gospel–doing so with the joy the Lord gives everyday.

EmilyVocalist, Hong Kong 2015

I realized how much of a huge deal God is.  We don’t realize how incredibly blessed we really are . . . but I encountered broken people in Hong Kong who made the Lord evident just by the way they worshiped and the passion they had for Jesus.  Their joy in the midst of their troubles demonstrated to me how faithful God is to those who earnestly love Him.

LaurenVocalist, Hong Kong 2015

Before I came to training, I really thought it was really about the music and what I could do to make the song sound better.  It was tough getting over the fact that I don’t have an electric guitar anymore, but I think it goes to prove a point that it’s not necessarily about what I can do to the song, but it’s about how I can deliver the gospel, and that’s what really matters at the end of the day.

RileyGuitarist, Colombia 2015

We played at a prison and I tripped on the floor during one of the dramas and I hit my head.  I got a small concussion and I had to sit out the next two concerts . . . For the last concert I was laying in bed and I could hear [my team] playing my song.  And I thought, “I’m in Colombia, I traveled all this way, it took forever, and here I am laying in a bed not able to do what I love to do and what I came here for.”

I got super discouraged and I thought, “Why did I have to hit my head?  God, what are you trying to do through this?” And I realized, it’s not about me.  My team was out there sharing the gospel, and it doesn’t matter how the gospel is being presented, just that it’s out there.

ShaiVocalist, Colombia 2015