Support Raising

CTI team members raise funds to cover the cost of their participation.  CTI provides guidance and support throughout this process. As you consider the fundraising portion of a CTI commitment, know that we are here to help in any way that we can!

The following articles will orient you towards our support-raising philosophy.  Once you’ve been accepted for a position, we’ll provide you with some additional specific resources to assist you with raising funds.

Fundraising FAQ:  Answers to some basic questions about raising support for your CTI mission trip

God’s Provision and Glory: God’s plan to provide for your ministry and increase His glory

Raising support is about more than getting the necessary funding for your mission trip.  God has ordained for the provision of His work by distributing His immeasurable wealth among His people.  This requires us to engage others in the mission, which increases God’s glory.  As we step forward in faith and courage to engage others, we experience God’s provision in a way that expands the reach of our ministry while deepening our understanding of, and reliance upon, the One in whose name we minister.

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Transformational Relationships: Your Relationship with Your Supporters

Support raising involves stewardship of many resources, including our relationships with those who support us.  It is common to think that some are called to “give” and others are called to “go”, but Jesus has called all his followers to be both givers and goers.  The relationship between you and your supporters should not only help send you – it should also involve you giving in such a way that your supporters grow in their responsiveness to the Great Commission.  Christian relationships should result in the transformation of both parties.

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Creating a Support Plan

Creating a simple but strategic plan for how you will approach support-raising will help you focus your efforts and be intentional in your communication.  Identifying the “who”, “how”, and “when” of your communication strategy before you begin is an important first step in you overall support-raising plan.

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Monthly Support: How and Why to Encourage Monthly Support

Many people may be willing to support you, but when they are only presented with your total financial need, it can be hard for them to envision the difference their gift can make.  This article explains how you can help supporters better understand the value of their gift by presenting them with an overall support strategy that includes a specific place for their gift, no matter how small.

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