For Parents

We know that parents want to ensure that their children remain safe and in good hands. Below is a list of some common areas of concern that parents might have when it comes to allowing their child to participate in a missions trip with CTI Music Ministries. If you have any questions or concerns that aren’t listed here or in the general FAQ or just simply want us to elaborate more on any topic, please don’t hesitate to call in and  talk with someone (1-800-543-6205; ask for someone in the recruiting department) or use the “Ask Recruiting” feature in the left column of this page.


We place the highest priority on safety and do our best to keep your child safe; however, ultimately (s)he is in the Lord’s hands. We have been sending teams overseas for over 35 years, so we know the processes of international travel and ministry. We partner with local ministries within the countries we serve – usually Youth For Christ International or Youth With A Mission. They keep a close watch on what is happening in their area and how North Americans are being received. There is no better way to determine if the area is safe than by someone who lives and works there. These ministry partners arrange the tour within their country and travel with our team. We also always watch what the government travel recommendations are for North Americans traveling to specific countries.
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During the two weeks of training you will be able to call and email your child after they return to their host home from the training site. We do permit team members to call home occasionally from overseas (at their own expense) if the schedule and location allow for it, but we cannot guarantee that your child will have an opportunity to do so.
When your child is overseas the primary communicaiton will be through their team blog on our web site. We ask the team leaders to update the blog weekly and if time allows, team members post quick shout outs as well. Your child will not have their cell phone and we do not allow email while overseas; email is easily misunderstood without voice inflection and the ability to ask questions, and can therefore cause needless worry for family members back home. Your child may, however, call home with an international calling card if time and location allow. We feel strongly that this is time which the Lord can use to grow your child and to do so, your child needs to focus on the ministry at hand and not be continually pulled back home by calls, texts, and emails. Know that they are in the Lord’s hands.
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If you need to contact your child in the event of an emergency, you should call our office. We’ll assess the situation with you and decide on the best course of action together, including getting a message to the team leaders if necessary. Understand, however, that notifying your child of a situation that they cannot impact is not always the best decision for them. Receiving news of an emergency while they are overseas can leave a young person feeling helpless, and can be detrimental to their ministry and the ministry of their team. We therefore usually advise waiting until your child returns to the US to inform them of family emergencies.
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Every CTI team has a male and female leader. Our team leaders are primarly from our fulltime teams and alumni. One of the main focuses of our ministry is discipling and developing leadership in young adults, so this is a natural continuation of the discipleship training. All of our team leaders have overseas experience with CTI and have been through our leadership training program.
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CTI Music Ministries is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are an official ministry partner of Youth For Christ International. We are not affiliated with or supported by any specific denomination.
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