All applicants must submit a video audition.

We are looking for stage presence as well as musicality.  This doesn’t need to be a “polished” recording – usually cellphone video will suffice, as long as we can hear your voice clearly.  Be intentional with your video, but don’t obsess too much over it to the point that you never send it in!

Upload your video to youtube and send us the link. (You may also mail your video on a DVD or USB key, etc. if you prefer – our address is at the bottom of the page.)


  • State your name and the position you’re applying for at the beginning of each section of your recording.
  • Some of your content can be copied from recent videos of your performances.
  • Make sure we can hear your part very clearly through the music. This is important: many auditions have had to be redone because the applicant was not distinguishable on the recording.

Specific to Vocalists

We need to see three things from every vocalist applicant. Each of these sections should be 1-3 minutes in length in order to give us a good idea of your talent and ability in each area.  Ideally, we should get a good sense of your vocal range through these three sections as well, so try to choose songs that showcase that for us:

  1. Sing an upbeat pop/rock song: Many of the songs that we do fit into this genre, so we need to hear your ability to lead an exciting, upbeat song. This can be anything you like that fits the genre or something from our list of pop/rock song suggestions (see below).  We’d love to see you do this with a full band (such as your worship team) if possible.  Remember, we’re looking for stage presence as well as musicality, so be engaging!
  2. Sing a harmony line while another vocalist sings melody: Each of our teams will have multiple vocalists singing different harmonies, so we need to hear your ability to hold a part other than the melody. The song you choose does not have to fit into any specific genre, as long as you are singing harmony (see below for suggestions). This may be done with or without instrumental accompaniment.
  3. Sing an a cappella piece (vocals only – no instrumental accompaniment): This piece will demonstrate your ability to stay on pitch when there are no instruments and will help us hear the character of your voice clearly. Like the harmony piece, the song you choose doesn’t have to fit into a specific genre.

Song Suggestions

Here is a list of suggested songs and artists for each of the three categories listed above. You aren’t required to use any of the songs listed here – they are simply suggestions.



Also: Taylor Swift (You Belong Wih Me, Love Story)

A Cappella:
Amazing Grace
In Christ Alone
NOTE: This can be anything that is recognizable!