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To be surrounded by seven other people 24/7 who saw me at my worst and still loved me and loved the Lord and would build me up and give me wisdom and encouragement was such a huge blessing I can't even describe and something I'm going to miss so much next year.
- Nicola, Fulltime Alum

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Each August, CTI trains and mobilizes two "full-time" ministry teams that travel the US and parts of Canada through May.

The dates for our 2015-2016 Fulltime teams are:

               August 7th, 2015 - following August

Click here to see our photo gallery!What These Teams Do

They perform in churches, schools, prisons and other venues where they encourage the church, challenge Christians to loving action in response to Christ's call to "make disciples of all nations," and share the hope of Christ with those who don't know Him. As they minister, they recruit other musicians to participate in future CTI teams.


They also travel internationally each fall to help our global partners share the gospel. Fulltimers conclude their commitment to CTI by serving in our summer leadership community. The full-time program is a community experience which focuses on leadership development, formation of Christian character, and the continuing process of personal discipleship while discipling others.

CommitmentClick here to see our photo gallery!

Full-timers commit to spending one year with our ministry.  They arrive for training in mid August and complete their domestic touring season in late May. During the summer, they become a vital part of our training community, serving as drivers, cooks, instructors, and team leaders as we work together to mobilize our short-term international teams.


Full-time team members are asked to raise $12,000 to help offset the costs involved in their ministry. 20% of the total cost is due upon arrival in August, but the rest can be raised throughout the year. They are encouraged to raise additional support that can return to them as a small salary throughout the year. We cover all meals, housing and tour specific expenses while they are serving with CTI. See our FAQ section for more information about where this money goes.



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Are you willing to re-examine your definition of ministry, live out the concept of servanthood in ways you've never experienced before, learn to embrace discipleship as a lifestyle, grow in Christian leadership, and encourage others to do the same?





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